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Chamber Music

for  Quartet

Fl, Ob (Melodica), Vc, Pno

En los ojos de tus antepasados (2017) 9'

Just when I started to compose this piece a till then unknown album of family photographs crossed my paths. Inside, I found a unique treasury: Photograghs of my ancestors dated back till 1896. The eyes of the captured people were telling so many stories that I simply drowned in imagination. On one hand their stern views were repelling, on the other hand they seemed approachable and even funny. Strangers that belong to me - like people from foreign nations who in the end share all the same planet. I knew that I had to confront my ancestors with what defines me today - my music - in order to research on my relation to them.



Lyrics in English:


What do you see in the eyes of your ancestors?

Do you encounter yourself?

Do you feel the fear of being a stranger to yourself?




Who are you? Your eyes tell me the story of a hidden world.

I don't know you but I know about the way you used to feel.

We are alike.


We have been slaves of our time, like you are!

We couldn't change it. You still have the choice.



arisen from... (2015) 10'

arisen from... - Alexander F. Müller

for  Quartet

Ob (Eh), Bcl, Vln, Vla

Sumyncópia (2014) 4'

for  Duo

Cl (german system), Cl (Boehm system)

Lidschlag (2013) 8'

Lidschlag - Alexander F. Müller

Distances liés (2013) 5'

for  Trio

Ob, Pno, Vc

for  Trio

Bcl, Bsn, Tb,

Symmetrias (2012) 8'

Symmetrias - Alexander F. Müller

for  Trio

Cl, Perc, Vc