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Longing for disaster (2016/17) 15'

for  Performer, Sampler and Ensemble

Perf, Samp, Ob, Bcl, Trb, Perc, Vl, Vla, Vc

Performer: Kiri Haardt

It all began with the losers of capitalism... They have been breeded by a system that has sucked them dry to provide a tiny part of the society with "the paradise". The surprising fact is, that an almost religious belief in this system tells those who are left behind that they still could live the American Dream at any time - if you are playing by the rules and comsume courtesly what is meant to be good for you. Luckily the companies do know what the average human being needs to achive happiness as he apparently doesn't know himself anymore. This dreamland of satisfaction comes along with the excessive oversaturation of the senses and needs which is followed by an emotional emptiness that longs for being anaesthesised by drugs of all kind, antidepressants or the devotion to extremes. This  implies the consume of heroic violence in cinemascope or the delectation of horror scenarios of boulevard newspaper frontpages. 

The disillusion leads that far that people start glorifying the "good old days" which apparently have been so much better. Doing so they ignore ungraspably the advantages of today's liberality and beg(!!) for the constraint of their freedom of speech, privacy and safety. The prefer to become witnesses (and participants??) of rapid political turmoils instead of complicated and time consuming processes of legislation or highly complex diplomacy. It is expected that politicians implement the voter's wishes straight away - just the way they have learned it from the fast pace of capitalism. Who needs to long for that is replaced through the one with the most provocative voice. This one smarming over the "simple people" in the most vulgar and boldest way is in reality just a classic representative of the elite he is pretending to yell at. By ignoring this fact and following their herd instinct the people accept once more a patronization from above and can be shaped playfully light to a crowd which is based on the phenomenon of mobbing, the exclusion of "THEM". But who are "THEY"? Are they foreigners, muslims, refugees, homosexuals, women, disabled people, environment acitvists, vegans (et cetera ad absurdum)? In short: all terrorists! No matter what who is who - the strange is the evil! 

The former victims of the dog-eat-dog capitalism incited by demagogues constitute themselves as the judges of minorities. This invites to flog random foreign appearing persons in the streets or burning down refugee homes...

It is obvious that those who became without prospects are willing to resort to violence and act according to "after me the deluge!" This refers not only to the super rich, whose last remaining goal is to hide their non stop growing wealth offshore in Panama, but also to those suffering from existence threatening poverty, willing to give up their individuality and even more the violent sacrifice of their own lifes by supporting insane ideologies.

Herr Schwarz (2013) 30'

Excpt. Trixauskunftei - Alexander F. Müller

for  Solotenor and Celloquartet

T, 4 Vc

Excpt. Liebste Erna - Alexander F. Müller

Frau Meier die Amsel (2011) 15'

for  3 Singers and Ensemble

S,B, CT,   Cl, Hn,Hrp, 2 Perc, Vla, Vlc, Db